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Civil and Demo is your integrated demolition and earthworks contractor who can realise your building plans.


SERVICE ACROSS PERTH With yards in the south and north of Perth we can easily service the Perth Metropolitan region. READILY AVAILABLE


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Slide ABOUT US About Civil & Demo Welcome to Civil and Demo, we are fully licensed and insured demolition professionals based in Perth Western Australia. We perform demolition and salvage work across the Perth metropolitan area. We have a team of deconstruction experts that can remove swimming pools, apartment buildings, old houses and any other excavation services you may need.

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Our expert team have years of experience, and are fully qualified for home demolition services.


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No job is too big or too small. We are ready for all projects, whether it's commercial or residential.

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We Offer

Asbestos Removal

We can safely and cleanly remove any asbestos building or structure and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly and safe fashion. Our team is fully trained in all aspects of hazardous waste disposal ensuring that your site is left clean and safe.

Slide WE ARE ALWAYS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE Our demolition work is consistently on-time, if not ahead of schedule. We co-operate with you to ensure a fast delivery every time.

Demolition Process


As a leading house demolition company, we aim to make the demolition process as easy as possible. 

Demolition starts with the property becoming vacant and Civil and Demo being provided access. You need to contact your electricity/gas retailer and inform them that you are demolishing your property and want the account closed for this.

The house is rat baited and then we apply for the removal of the electricity and gas (abolishment) from the street to the house. Typically this takes up to 15 working days. We also arrange for the sewer cut and seal. 

When the property has been prepared we then apply for a demolition permit with the council, which typically takes 10 working days to approve.

When the permit is approved, and the gas/electricity has been removed, we erect fences at the house to isolate the demolition site. The house will then be stripped out where we remove salvage, asbestos and undertake separations of walls (if necessary) in preparation for demolition.

The excavator will then be scheduled to arrive on-site for demolition of the house which typically takes 2-4 days. Then the excavator demobilises, leaving you with a clear raked block to natural levels.

House Vacant

Rat Bait, Electricity, Gas

Demolition Permit

Services Disconnected

Strip Out


Frequently Asked Questions


What is covered in your demolition?

Our house demolition services include:

- Full demolition of house
- Submission of demolition permit
- Rat baiting of property which is required by the council
- Isolation of the sewer (cut and seal)
- No mark up on gas and electricity disconnections these are billed directly to the client

Why use a licensed demolition company?

A licensed demolition team is useful for both commercial and residential demolition works:


- A demolition licence is required to remove all single storey non residential structures.

- A demolition licence is required to demolish a double storey house

What are your demolition qualifications?

- We have a class 2 Demolition Licence. Any demolition contractors credentials can be checked at the website
- We have a restricted asbestos licence and are fully qualified to remove asbestos fences, eaves and asbestos houses.

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