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Asbestos Removal Specialists Perth

Our team specialises in safe asbestos removal and following all Australian Safety Standards to keep you and your family safe.

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Asbestos Removal Services

We can safely and cleanly remove any asbestos building or structure and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly and safe fashion. Our experienced team is fully trained in all aspects of hazardous waste disposal ensuring that your site is left clean and safe.

Exposure to asbestos for any amount of time isn’t safe, and longer exposure to it can cause long term harm such as mesothelioma, an asbestos-related lung cancer.

We’re experienced with working on both commercial and residential projects and can remove asbestos safely and efficiently while making sure we clean up afterwards.

Recycling Waste

We make sure we recycle all waste and use the least possible amount of landfill we can when we conduct any project.

Fully Licensed

Our staff are fully licensed professionals with years of demolition and earthworks experience.

Insured Services

Have peace of mind knowing that Civil & Demo are fully insured and ready for all types of work.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral that’s naturally found in the environment, specifically in rocks and soil. It’s known for having strong fibres that are resistant to heat and being effective at insulation.

It was commonly used in buildings in the 1940s up until the 1980s and saw a complete ban here in Australia in 2003. Asbestos was originally used in properties and manufacturing because it’s naturally strong, incombustible, cheap, and versatile. They come in different varieties and are identified by being ‘non-friable’ and ‘friable’ and the fibres can easily become easily airborne due to their nature.

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Commercial & Residential Projects

In your home, we know where to look for traces of asbestos and how to find it. Whether it's in your shed, attic, bathroom or in the walls, our team will be able to find it and help remove and dispose of it safely.

In commercial buildings, our specialists can find asbestos in walls, bathrooms, floors, and even hard to reach places of your commercial building.

We understand the importance of commercial projects and they need to be dealt with carefully, and our staff always adhere to the highest safety standards and procedures while making sure we don’t leave any mess behind.

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